i-Phone Theme

i-Phone Theme for Series 40 (3rd Edition)

Make your Nokia look like an iPhone


  • Attractive background image
  • Some great menu icons


  • Doesn't add any new functionality


Let's face it, if we were given the option to choose any phone in the shop for free, given the choice most of us would pick an iPhone.

If the price point is still putting you off the Apple device then check out the i-Phone Theme. Install it and your Nokia Series 40 phone will be magically transformed into something that resembles the iPhone (or at least the inside of it will).

The i-Phone Theme adds a new background image to your display, based around the tropical fish screensaver in the Apple Phone. What's more, it also adds new icons to your applications menu, which are based around the equivalent shortcuts on the iPhone.

The i-Phone Theme doesn't actually give you any of the functionality of the Apple device, but it does provide a nice way of recreating some of the gorgeous visuals of the iPhone.

i-Phone Theme


i-Phone Theme for Series 40 (3rd Edition)

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